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Established in the year 2000, GeoDesigns is one of India’s leading Interior Design and Architectural firms. With Geo Design’s headquarters in Delhi NCR we have relevant project experience in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Meerut, Karnal, Mohali along with international projects in Colombo and Nigeria. Having designed over 2 million sq. feet of space and working with a diversified set of clients, we have developed a unique client-centric approach, that creates and delivers technologically advanced, user friendly and sustainable workspaces which are ready for the future.

Working collectively with the company’s mission "to build the ethos and culture of our client’s brand into its workplace design" we have received multiple awards and appreciations for our works.

We believe our strength lies in our diversified team, that provide their vast experience in the fields of corporate interiors, interior design, architecture design, design-build and project management consultancy to create concepts into reality.

We work to comprehensively understand our client requirements & culture and provide creative solutions to streamline their operations, enhance productivity and incubate growth. This is achieved through skillfully merging creative designs, out of the box features, sustainable materials and space management. Committed to excellence, we breathe our heart and souls into our designs, thus blending practicality and aesthetics in a sublime manner to create the future ready workplaces.


What we do

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Interior design

Geo Design's interior designers carve spaces that are intuitive and efficient. We create a seamless blend between aesthetics and functionality, thereby delivering innovative workspaces that enhance productivity and profits.

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Design Build

Geo Design’s Design build services aim to provide clients with streamlined end to end experience. Right from conceptualization stage to the final handover and occupancy by the client, each aspect of the project is conceptualized and created, while being closely monitored by our teams to ensure timely completion with utmost importance to quality and workmanship.

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Architecture Design

Geo Design's specializes in designing spaces and buildings that offer a multiple functionalities in terms of aesthetics, practicality and suitability, while seamlessly connecting the users with a superlative environment, productive for work and living. We partner with our consultants and engineers to fabricate metamorphic environments that delight and amaze.

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Project Management

The expert team at Geo design’s Project management team focuses on ensuring each element of design & construction are carefully managed to transform the concept to reality. Our PM team intrinsically understands the project plan, identify prospective challenges, devise strategies to mitigate them and ensure streamline works at a record pace.

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Leading Corporate Interior Designers in Delhi

Delhi is India's oldest city having great historical significance, boasting several prestigious buildings representing ancient architecture. Delhi architecture has witnessed a smooth transition from the work of past-era architects to contemporary interior designers in Delhi. With several corporate offices looking to set up their base in this capital city, the demand for corporate interior designers is at an all-time high.

Businesses just don’t take any chance to provide a touch of class and elegance to their space and design it in a manner that radiates the brand ethos. This has certainly escalated the need for world-class corporate interior designing companies to design spaces that are a perfect blend of aesthetics, productivity, functionality, and safe for employees. Geo Designs is India’s leading and eminent interior designing company that is served by some finest corporate interior designers of Delhi that has helped several corporates design their dream spaces. They are conscious and committed to creating spaces that are functional and safe.

Characteristics of Corporate Interior Design

An aesthetically designed corporate office has become a norm in recent times because a warm and welcoming office space radiates positive vibes whereas a cacophonic and cold ambiance can lead to irritation. Thus, corporate offices need to be designed with thoughtfulness and must have a polished, stylish, and welcoming ambiance.

Thus, a well-thought corporate interior design is the need of the hour and companies need to create an aesthetically pleasing corporate office reflecting the brand ethos and ideologies of the company. Vital characteristics of well-designed commercial corporate offices that will scale up the interiors of corporate offices include:

Versatile Structure

The best way to ensure the convertibility of any corporate office space is to keep them versatile and should be designed in a manner that it can be easily revamped as per the changing trends. The alterable elements such as furniture, equipment, and other furnishing items should be included in the design of the corporate offices that can be easily maneuvered with ease. Corporate office interior design should include innovative ways that allow owners to make easy conversions and frequent adaptations as per their needs and comforts.

Implementing Technology

Technology plays a vital role in designing the interiors of corporate offices, thus it has become important to design corporate offices from a technological standpoint for ease of use. Seamless implementation of technology is essential for corporate office designing, and while designing the interiors facilities like telephones, computer networking, media player, etc. should be kept in mind to offer comfort and convenience to the workforce.  

Make Use of Upgraded Aesthetics

Corporate office interior designers sometimes don't pay much attention to the aesthetics and give more weightage to functionality while doing the interiors of the corporates. This in the long run affects the overall ambiance of the office and dull and bland office interiors will never provide pleasant vibes. Thus, corporate office interior designers should give due weight to aesthetics while designing office interiors.

Ensure Safety

Safety is another vital issue that should be considered while designing the interiors of the corporate office space. Safety should be essentially infused into the office interiors and designers should ensure that no safety regulation is sacrificed for functional or aesthetic design purposes. It is not just a statutory requirement but a normal obligation and designers should need to ensure the safety of the entire workforce.  

Benefits of Hiring Corporate Interior Designers

A well deck-up and enticing interior have become a must for corporates, as the workforce should be provided with a comfortable and conducive environment that motivates them to give their best in offices.

Hence, corporates need the service of the best corporate interior designing companies like Geo Designs to make their corporate offices look aesthetically pleasing, functional, and effective for all employees. Hiring a professional corporate interior designing firm in Delhi will serve corporates with the following benefits:

Save Time and Money

Professional and competent interior design firm has all the knowledge and skill that are required to design the interiors of corporates in the minimum possible time and well within the budget.

Excellent Quality of Service

There is a huge difference between interiors designed by a professional company and interiors designed by an amateur interior designing firm. Thus, hiring interior designers having extensive experience and proficiency in designing the interiors of corporates will allow businesses to have stunning office interiors.

Well-Utilization of Every Inch of Space

Hiring an adept interior designing firm like Geo Designs will be a great advantage for the companies, as corporate interior designers of the firm are known to well utilize even a small space in an efficient manner. These professionals have a knack for utilizing every space in an innovative manner.

Better and Improved Office Aesthetics

 Every corporate office aspires to have wonderfully designed interiors that is visually appealing and high in functionality. This is only possible by hiring services of professional corporate interior designers who hold expertise in enhancing the space visually and blending functionality through optimum assessment and designing.   

Commercial Interior Design Projects Handled by Us

The corporate office is an integral part of the company so it is vital to design it in a manner that turns out to be useful, productive, and comfortable for the employees and is able to attract new clientele. Geo Designs is a professional and specialized corporate interior designing firm in Delhi designing extraordinary corporate interiors that impresses clients and provides them with a sense of pride, comfort, and satisfaction.  

We, at Geo Designs, with over two decades of experience is committed to excellence and we have breathed our heart and souls into all the projects handled by us. We have designed over 2 million sq. ft. of workspaces blending aesthetics and practicality in a manner to create future-ready workspaces. Some of the major commercial interior design projects that we have successfully completed include:

  • Reckit Benckiser
  • JWI
  • Rackspace
  • CDM Smith
  • Azure Power
  • Andritz
  • Flovel
  • Mott Macdonald
  • Innodata

Factors to Consider while Selecting Corporate Interior Designers

With innumerable offices and corporate houses based in Delhi, there is a great demand for corporate interior designers. Seeing the excessive demand for interior designers, several designing firms have mushroomed in the city to grab the opportunity. Though every design firm claims to render high-standard designing services but only a few are able to meet and exceed their client’s expectations.

Businesses looking for the best corporate interior designing firm should consider the following factors before making an informed decision:

Check their Work Quality

Before hiring corporate interior designers, it is vital for companies to check their previous projects on their websites and social media accounts to have an idea about their quality of work. To check the quality of their work, companies may also ask for their work portfolio and 3D plans to thoroughly check their work quality.

Experience and Qualifications

Companies should always prefer corporate interior designers having years of experience in the designing field and who have sound knowledge to accomplish the office interiors in a remarkable manner. Experienced and qualified corporate office designers will always prove valuable for companies that want something unique and distinct.

Keep Business Goals and Employee's Interests in Mind

Corporate interior designing is not just about enticing designs and color combinations but the designing should be carried out based on employees' and target audience's needs and requirements. The interiors of the offices should help in boosting employees' productivity and efficiency as a whole.   

Personally Meet with the Interior Designers

Meeting personally with the interior designer is vital for picking the right professional for the task. This will help companies to better know the interior designer's team and have better clarity of their capabilities. Besides, the company while meeting personally can also convey their requirements, expectations, and budget along with other essential details that will help them know whether the designer firm is the right fit or not.  

Why choose Geo Designs?

Geo Designs is one of India’s leading and reputed corporate interior designing firms that have designed over 2 million sq. ft. of spaces and has worked with a diversified set of clients. With our client-centric approach, we have delivered technologically advanced, employee-friendly, and sustainable workspaces that are future-ready. Some of the prominent reasons to hire corporate interior designers from this designing firm include:

  • Geo Designs specializes in designing office spaces that offer functionalities in terms of practicality, and aesthetics while providing employees with an amazing productive environment.
  • Our corporate interior designers well understand the project plan, determine challenges, and devise strategies to efficiently handle all the office designing tasks at a record pace.
  • Our team of interior designers is highly creative and innovative and is efficient in designing stunning interiors of corporate offices.
  • With over two decades of experience, the company has handled several corporate interior designing projects with great ease and success.
  • We perfectly blend practicality and aesthetics in our every design project to create workplaces that offer pleasant work environments to employees.