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If you often find yourself lusting after seeing homes of the elite class like businessmen and celebrities, then now you don’t need to be jealous of them. Delhi and NCR are served by some best interior design firm like Geo Designs which can turn your ordinary-looking homes into astounding and spectacular ones. Geo Designs is known for providing superior interior designing services taking into consideration all essential concerns and requisites that their clients bring to the table. We, at Geo Designs, are known to create creative, functional, and productive interiors that are perfectly in harmony with the client’s needs and lifestyle, without a little compromise on the quality. No matter whether we are designing trendy home interiors or luxury commercial spaces, our every project is a smooth confluence of artisanship and stunning elegance.

Major Differences between Architecture and Interior Design

Both architecture and interior designers indeed work to transform the look and appeal of the space but both these professionals differ in terms of training, job profiles, and objectives.

  • Architects are responsible for designing the structure of the buildings, while interior designers design the interiors of the building including furniture, fixtures, and accessories to create a stunning look of the space.
  • Architects create the structure of the buildings that abide by the local, state, and national building codes, while interior designers create a visually aesthetic and functional interior of the space.
  • Architects design building structures focusing on technical requirements like material, form, ventilation, natural light, climate, flooring, etc. while interior designers focus on creating visually stunning spaces that are high on human psychological and emotional aspects.

What Skills and Experience Must the Best Interior Design Firm in Delhi Have?

An aptly and beautifully designed space is sure to get everyone’s attention but very few people will understand the hard work, skills, and creativity that are required to design a mesmerizing interior. This is where availing service of the best interior design company can prove vital for the clients. The best interior design firm of Delhi-NCR has rich domain knowledge, exceptional skills, and hands-on experience in delivering pioneering designs for residential and commercial spaces in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Meerut, Karnal, Mohali, and internationally in Colombo and Nigeria. We know that to be successful in our field following skills and extensive experience will play a crucial role.

A creative mind and attention to detail – Interior designers certainly require creative skills, as they are expected to design spaces of diverse sizes for different clients. They need to give attention to little details as well as to the overall designs to create cohesive spaces. Creativity is certainly a prerequisite for interior designers that will allow them to infuse a timeless charm.

Aware of latest trends – As a leading and the best interior designing firm in Delhi-NCR, we at Geo Designs are aware of the latest ongoing trends in the interior design industry and are quick to know which trend will work for a specific client. This skill helps us to design trendy and innovative homes and offices for our clients.

Sketching and computer skills – We have a team of highly accomplished interior designers having good sketching and computer skills. Our interior designers sketch all designs while planning the design of the space. However, currently, they are also making use of digital sketching to plan the design layout which proves significant in smoothly executing the task.

Good communication skills – Our interior designers are highly successful in the field because of the strong communication skills that help them well understand their clients’ requirements as well as communicate their ideas to clients. Because of this skill, they are also able to collaborate well with other professionals like architects, engineers, and contractors.

Interior Design Styles and Trends that You Will Love

While designing the interior of the space, clients always look for something different and unique, and this is where the best interior designing firm of Delhi/NCR comes to help. We, at Geo Designs, are known for creating a perfect design that is a fine mix of style, elegance, creativity, and functionality. There are diverse interior designing styles that cater to the client’s sensibilities, from minimalist design to subtle sophistication, and from rustic to the happy eclectic vibe. The different interior designing styles and trends that are currently trending in the industry include:

Contemporary – It is a trending interior design style with a subtle colour palette, clean lines, and abundant natural light in architecture, and emphasis is given to open floor plans and clutter-free decor. This style is best suited for apartments because it makes the place look larger. This trend is summed up with sophistication in simplicity.

Minimalist – In this style of interior designing less is more, and a space designed in this style will not only have minimum furniture but every piece of furniture will be minimal in itself. This style allows an abundance of space and the place has scope to breathe. In the Indian context, this style follows the Gandhian principles of sustainability and simplicity.

Eclectic – This interior design style is a combination of a variety of styles and periods created with the help of furniture and decor elements. This style is an ideal way to depict your aesthetic sense, though there is a risk of this style ending up in a mess. We at Geo Designs create a perfect harmony through proportion, scale, and composition, and though the pieces have different colour, designs, and textures but strike a good rhythm when put together.

Indian – This style of designing takes inspiration from different cultures of India and each has its influence on this pan-India style of design. This style reflects the love for ornate carvings, handicrafts, solid wood furniture, and traditional elements like swings and jaalis. Indian style has a soft spot for solid wood furniture and the older it is, the better it is considered.

Major Elements of Interior Design

Irrespective of whether you are designing your home from scratch or looking to design a room, the basic elements of interior design should always be considered such as:

Colour – The colour of the interior can affect the complete look and feel of a space. Besides, focusing on the overall look of the space, interior designers also focus on the feel that they are trying to achieve by picking the most apt colour for the space.

Form – A space interior can be in diverse forms like irregular, natural, geometric shapes like squares or rectangles, or any abstract shapes.

Light – Lighting is a vital element of interior designing, as it has the power to enhance the interior of any space. Interior designing companies carefully choose the colour and brightness of the light that perfectly goes with the overall decor of the space.

Line – Every object used in the interiors has an outline that adds an exciting touch to the space. Thus interior designers strategically make use of all the objects that are in perfect symmetry.

Pattern – Pattern is a vital element of interior design that completely transforms the look and feel of the space. Interior designing firms make the best use of the pattern and avoid too many clashing patterns to make the space look smooth and organized.

Texture – Another vital element of interior designing is the texture which plays a vital role in the designing of a part of the home like the bathroom, kitchen, or flooring.

Space – Space in interior designing is a vital element comprising the length, width, and height of the space. Interior designing firms keep the space element in mind and leave enough space in the room.

Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers

Associating with a professional interior designing firm of Delhi/NCR like Geo Designs will serve many benefits to both domestic and corporate clients. Clients will not only be rewarded with aesthetically designed interiors but will also enjoy the following benefits:

Flawless Work – Geo Designs is the best interior designing firm in Delhi/NCR served by a talented team of interior designers having good practical and theoretical skills. The excellence and creativity of the team are pretty evident from their flawless work, as they do not leave any chance or error in their design projects.

Well-Utilization of Available Space – A highly imperative specialty of a proficient interior designing company is to well utilize the available space while designing it. Skilled interior designers artistically craft everything and well arrange the stuff so that the space neither looks empty or spacious nor it looks clumsy or stuffed.

Design Great Interiors – Seeking the interior designing services of an expert is beneficial because they are trained in the designing task and with their skill and creativity can design spaces that are simply stunning and marvelous. There will be a great difference in the quality of interiors done by a professional or an amateur.

Why choose Geo Designs for Interior Design Services in Delhi?

  • Geo Designs is India’s leading interior design and architectural firm that has been conferred with multiple awards and recognition for its work.
  • Experience in designing over 2 million sq. feet of spaces and has worked with a diversified set of clients.
  • Delivers technologically advanced, user-friendly, and sustainable workspace that are future-ready
  • The team has vast experience in corporate interiors, interior design, architecture design, design-build, and project management consultancy.
  • The company holds great expertise and proficiency in creating concepts into reality
  • The company designs spaces blending practicality and aesthetics in a sublime manner
  • The company is known for planning and creating spaces that have a wow factor or extra element that up the vibe of the place by many notches.


What are the factors that should be considered while choosing an interior design firm in Delhi/NCR?

Finding an interior designing company that completely understands your needs is a daunting task, especially with multiple companies serving in this region. With a plethora of options available, you should also prefer a firm that can do justice to your design project and whose work resonates with your style and sensibilities. You should always prefer an interior designing company on whom you can show your trust and who can understand your aspirations and expectations. Besides these aspects, you should also check the company’s experience, past projects, work quality, team proficiency, as well as skill, and abilities.

What are the different services offered by Geo Designs?

Geo Designs is India’s leading interior design and architectural firm having vast experience in the field of interior design, corporate interior, architecture design, design-build, and project management consultancy. All our design work is executed after comprehensively understanding clients’ requirements to serve them with creative solutions.

Which are the areas where your interior designing services can be availed?

Geo Design’s headquarter is in Delhi/NCR, and the company offers interior designing services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Karnal, Mohali, Meerut along with Colombo, and Nigeria.

What are the qualities that set Geo Designs apart from the other inferior designer firms?

Geo Designs stands apart from other interior design firms, as their every activity is handled by qualified professionals to ensure the best designs and quality execution of projects to the optimum satisfaction of the clients. Besides, the company has a great sense of time and cost efficiency. The company strictly adheres to the environment, health, and safety guidelines while executing every project. Because of a great work ethic and a high level of professionalism, the company is rewarded with repeat business from its clients.

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