Best Commercial Architects in Delhi

Architecture is a satisfying profession offering career opportunities for creative professionals. There is a variation of jobs within this field, one of which is commercial architecture. If you’re looking forward to entering the architecture industry or directly want to pursue the role of a commercial architect, it may be helpful to learn how to become one. In this article, Geo Designs describes the role of commercial architects in Delhi, lists some aidful skills these professionals often have, offers effective steps you can take to become one, and discusses their salaries and job outlook.

What are Commercial Architects?

Commercial architects are pros who map out buildings planned for use as commercial properties, like office buildings, retail spaces, and restaurants. After designing/mapping properties, these pros supervise architectural projects, making sure that the construction workforce falls in with a client’s choices, general design principles, and relevant regulations, like building codes. The best commercial architects in Delhi generally work from an office that is usually located near a construction site, which eases them to frequently gauge a project. Many architects are part of construction or design firms, but others are independent or complete freelance work.

What Does a Commercial Architect Do?

Commercial architects are supposed to perform a variety of tasks throughout a project’s life cycle. One of the first common steps in the designing process is catching up with the clients to discuss their needs, like architectural requirements or desired locations. After beginning client meetings, an architect often expresses how long it might take to start the construction and prepare sketches and proposals to provide clients with a visualization of each project. If a client receives the proposal, an architect moves ahead to the further step in the process, which generally entails curating thorough plans, budgets, and schedules while also conducting contractor meetings.

Once the building starts on a project, commercial architects catch up with a team of designers, engineers, builders, and other specialists who stick to regulations and client requests. An architect, then usually submits updates to their clients all over the construction process that elaborates the project’s progression. While architects mostly work in an office setup, they do visit project sites and offer suggestions when applicable.

Skills That a Commercial Architect Must Possess


Many renowned architects are creative individuals who can ideate plans and notions before sketching or designing them. Commercial architects often compete with one another to engage clients, so if one architect can curate a more visually gratifying design than their competitors, they may have a better chance at securing a deal. Commercial architects usually find ways to design unique and innovative buildings while keeping safety standards ahead and following regulations.

Computer Literacy

Commercial architects finish a major chunk of their work on a computer. This may require connecting with return and prospective clients online or designing virtual floor maps, making computers a common tool of architecture. Owning a high level of computer literacy lets a commercial architect work smoothly.

Freehand Drawing and Drawing System Knowledge

In most cases, the first draft of a building manifests as a manual sketch on paper or using a simple computer tool. Before going ahead with the construction process and bargaining discussions, a commercial architect often shows their client’s perception of the futuristic building in a sketchy manner. An architect has the capability to draw either by hand or with the aid of a computer system.

Business Expertise

Commercial architects often cooperate only with clients seeking to open businesses or trade business properties. Due to this, an architect who recognizes the basics of business procedures can speak with clients utilizing appropriate terminology.

Responsibilities of Commercial Architects

Even with extra hands involved, our commercial architects in Delhi are always in direct contact with the client. They tackle all features of the designing procedure, so they are required to be highly informative and nicely arranged. Eventually, they are the ones who design the architectural features of the project and draft the architectural parts of the construction documents. These construction documents are crucial for any commercial architecture deal, as the contractor utilizes them to bid an approximate cost, bid, and build the real structure.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Architects in Delhi

A well-made-up and enticing architecture has become a must for the corporation. The workforce should be offered a comfortable and favorable environment that encourages them to give their best in the office. Hiring professional and best commercial architects in Delhi will serve companies with the following benefits-

Save Time and Money

The professional and competent architect design firm has all the knowledge and skills required to design the architecture of corporations in the minimum possible time and within the budget.

Excellent Quality of Service

There is a huge difference between architects designed by a professional company and architects designed by an amateur architect design firm. Thus, hiring architect designers who have extensive experience and proficiency in designing the architects of corporations will allow businesses to have stunning office architects.

Utilizing Every Inch of Space Available

Hiring a proficient architect and interior designing firm like Geo Designs will be a great advantage for the companies, as our architect designers of the firm are well-known to use even a small space skillfully. These professionals have an instinct for creatively utilizing every space.

Better and Improved Office Aesthetics

Every corporate office aspires to have wonderfully designed architects that are visually appealing and high in functionality. This is only possible by hiring the services of professional corporate architect designers who hold expertise in enhancing the space visually and blending functionality through optimum assessment and design.  

Tips to Follow While Hiring the Best Commercial Architects in Delhi

Check their Work Quality

Before hiring corporate architect designers, companies need to check their previous projects on their websites and social media accounts to get an idea about their quality of work. To examine the quality of their work, companies can also ask for their work portfolio and 3D plans to in-depth check their work quality.

Experience and Qualifications

Companies should always prefer corporate architect designers who have years of experience in the designing field and who have sound knowledge to accomplish the office architect remarkably. Experienced and qualified corporate office designers will always offer value for companies that require something innovative and distinct.

Keep Business Goals and Employee’s Interests in Mind

Corporate architect designing is not just about enticing designs and color combinations but the designing should be carried out based on employees’ and target audience’s needs and requirements. The architects of the offices should aid in improving employees’ capacity and effectiveness as a whole.

Personally Meet with the Architects

Meeting personally with the architect-designer is vital for picking the right professional for the task. This will help companies to know the designer team better and have clarity of their capabilities. Other than that, while meeting personally the company can also forward their needs, beliefs, and budget, along with other crucial details that will aid them to knowing the designer firm is the right choice or not. 

Questions to Ask While Hiring Commercial Architects in Delhi

If you are aiming for a new career, examine the thrilling world of commercial architects in Delhi. An aspiring architect needs to begin by getting a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Some people opt to further describe themselves by following a graduate degree as well.

Best Commercial Architects in Delhi
Best Commercial Architects in Delhi

Upon graduation, architecture aspirants should apply for an internship with a renowned and senior architect who will manage their work. This internship can last up to 3 years but must be at least 3,740 hours of work. During this phase, the aspirant will prepare and develop their commercial architecture forte.

On completion of their internship, aspirants certify to appeal for their state’s licensing exam. Every state has varied needs, including location-dependent challenges or required courses. This license needs to get renewed every two years. The architect may also register for certification via the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Anyone can be an architect with a genuine degree, internship, state license, and NCARB certification. Get the time to look if this enthralling career field is correct for you.

When to Hire Commercial Architects in Delhi?

Every construction project comes with plenty of obstacles and roadblocks, but an architect isn’t always required for a project to move forward.

For instance, you can build a house without the indulgence of a proficient residential architect. But this is only possible till the time your plans have a licensed structural engineer’s stamp on them. This gives you a good chance to get permission from the jurisdiction. This doesn’t apply to commercial projects.

If a project includes adding or making relevant changes to an existing structure, it must go in handy with building codes, life safety codes, and ADA guidelines, no matter what. This usually means that you’ll need an architect’s stamp before getting approved for a building permit.

If you’re not sure about whether you’ll require an architect for your construction project or not, you should take advice from a professional to talk over the peculiarities of the project before moving ahead.


Do Commercial Architects Need a Master’s Degree?

No, commercial architects in Delhi do not require a master’s degree to practice. As long as they’ve completed a five-year bachelor’s degree program in architecture and an internship, they’re eligible to take the test and practice on their own.

How Much Do You Charge for Your Commercial Architectural Services?

Make sure that you know your budget early. This allows you to curate clear expectations and aids you in avoiding potential project delays down the road. Always ask about any unexpected fees or costs that might pop up anywhere throughout the project. This may aid in distinguishing experienced architects from less experienced ones.

How Much Time Will the Designing and Construction Process Take?

Before interviewing, make sure you have an idea of your timeline goals based on the scale of the project. It’s not always easy to lay these goals out clearly, but a good commercial architect will be able to give you advice on how to improve and even reduce your timeline.

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Every jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations for varied types of construction projects, such as factory planning, so you are required to ensure that the candidate has experience in the guidelines of your area, just like our team of architects has!

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