Project Management Consultants

One of the key areas where Geodesigns excels is in project management consultancy services. Our project management services are aimed at real estate builders engaged in residential and commercial construction. Established since well over a decade and with ample experience in architectural design and interior design, we have been associated with construction companies in India. Our experts understand how construction activity is carried out, the pitfalls and impediments that hinder construction companies from realizing maximum profit or delivering full value to their clients, whether these are commercial owners or owners of residential units. This affects the reputation and brand image of the company.

Why you should hire project management consultants?
Geodesigns understands all the factors involved in construction of commercial and residential buildings. You could run into delays, cost overruns, quality issues and permissions, to name only a few. Not planning for these and then commencing work could cause delays and hold up work, adding to cost and loss of reputation. As an expert project management consultants in Delhi, India, we examine your project from all perspectives and give you a meticulous, painstakingly detailed constructed outline that will help activities proceed smoothly without a hitch. You achieve targets within the time frame and within budgets. In addition, we also put in place quality control processes that take care of all issues from foundation to finishing. Your completed projects gain in value and enhance your reputation. This in turn generates more business for you.

What our project consultancy services encompass
One of the leading project management consultants in India, Geodesign offers customizable options for commercial building project consultancy and residential building project consultancy. Our consultancy covers any and all of these areas:

Architectural design: Our architects can coordinate with yours to come up with modern architectural designs that are also unique and help optimize resources while giving end users the maximum value.

Interior design: As a subset of architectural services or independent service, our interior designers will provide inputs that will help you give your interiors a superior, classy touch.

Building siting: Our experts help you with architectural designs and siting of a building for optimal use of natural air flow and sunlight, inspired by vaastu and fengshui principles.

Costs: Since we are intimately familiar with all aspects of construction, we can help your team prepare precise and accurate cost estimates of construction. Our advice is available for your benefit as is our knowledge of all materials and processes that will help achieve the finest balance. You deliver satisfaction and also earn revenues in the process.

Process flow: We help you prepare an expert process flow plan and streamline implementation. You can adhere to schedules, control costs and prevent cost overruns.

Material sourcing: With our contacts in industry, we help you find sources of materials at far lower prices and with assured quality.

Geodesigns consultancy for project management will make a huge difference to your commercial and residential construction ventures. We are one of the top Project management consultants in Delhi, India. Just initiate discussions with us to know how exactly we can help and how you stand to benefit.