Redefining Industrial Architects In Bangalore, India

The industrial Architects In Bangalore was introduced in India by the Britishers. After their entry into India, they needed infrastructure to process raw materials in the country.

Earlier they would import raw stuff from Britain, but realizing it is creating a huge burden on their exchequer, they decided to use local materials to create products and import them to different countries.

This is how industrial culture started in India. But their architecture methods were very primitive. There was no thought process involved in their architecture structures.

After independence particularly in the last two decades, the industrial architecture has witnessed a great revival in India. Thanks to best Architecture firms in Bangalore like GeoDesigns which started a completely new phase of industrial infrastructure in India.

GeoDesigns Office Architects injected new technologies into the architecture industry in India to achieve highly acclaimed industrial infrastructure in the country.

Redefining Industrial Architects In Bangalore, India

Parameters That Define Modern Day Industrial Architecture

There is modernism in the thought process of today’s office architects. While creating an architecture design, all important parameters are kept in mind.  Complete respect and value is given to the precious time and hard earned money of clients.

Architecture Firms in Bangalore create Infrastructure for your business ventures that suits your marketing plans.  From the date of start of production, a time frame is set to complete the project and the professionals work hard on a very tight frame.

Cost is the main factor that decides and impacts the accomplishment plan of any project. The office architects in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and at other places in the country stick to the original estimates.  There is no scope for time overrun and cost overrun if the budget of client is limited

While creating industrial infrastructure, international standard is kept in mind, this is highly important in this era of joint ventures and collaborations. Office architects in Delhi know how to effectively utilize a fixed amount of space and proper materials to create the best office infrastructure for a business.

The best industrial infrastructure makes the employee feel at home.  An employee works for 10-12 hours a day in the office, a boring workspace affects his/her production.

Your business infrastructure must have temperature levels that are comfortable for workers. There should be enough windows in the building that allows maximum natural light to enter into the building space.


  1. Vastusastra

No matter how modern we become, our religious sentiments will always influence our decisions.  People in India have still much respect for the Vasthusastra. There are industrialists who insist on constructing buildings according to them.  So the duty of office architects is to discuss with their clients Vastusastra before starting work on their project to avoid later alterations in the structure.

  1. International Building Standards

On the other hand, MNCs need to realize this fact that it will take years of time to adjust to industrial standards in India, so they should under Indian context. Indian conditions are different, so several international building standards can’t be applied in India.  They won’t suit our climatic conditions.

  1. Adverse Weather Conditions

In India, construction work is highly affected by adverse weather conditions, so at that time, it becomes too difficult to complete a project within a set time frame. Besides weather, volatile political atmosphere and strikes also make it difficult for an architecture company to complete a project on time.

Future- Industrial architecture in India

With opening up of new industries and the growing economy of the nation, the future of the industrial architecture industry seems bright.  New industrial set-ups will require modern architectural techniques.  So Industrial architects in India be it architects in Hyderabad, Architects in Bangalore or Architecture Firms in Gurgaon, they just need proper planning for the present as well as for the future.


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