Interior Design
Geo Designs is a versatile Architecture and interior design firm offering exceptional customized and harmonized thematic services relating to a client’s preferences and business segment. Established since 2000 and with a reputation for quality architectural services and interior designs for homes, hospitality and commercial segments, we have carved out a niche with our unique approach to delivering exceptional value addition.

We firmly believe that architecture and interior design are firmly intertwined if one is to achieve integrated functionality and aesthetic visuals that delight the soul and provide comfort for people to work or live at their best. Architecture and interior are not parallel services you can source from different companies and still expect a marvelous fusion. Both are ingrained at the concept stage and are executed side by step as a project progresses. This approach has made us one of the leading interior design companies in Delhi that offers architectural services as well in a project based approach. We are known for fluid and polished corporate interiors, for peacefully harmonized home interiors, for vibrantly dynamic interiors for retail or entertainment or just about any type of interior that reflects the character of the business in a contemporaneously fashionable and distinctive style.

How do we achieve distinctive interiors that blend with the architecture inside and outside? For this we have our seasoned professionals to thank. Our team comprises of architects with highest levels of qualifications and key specialization in interior design as well as specialist, creative interior designers working in tandem right from the concept stage to drawings to project execution. Another differentiator to our excellence as expert commercial interior designer is that we take everything on a project basis, being in full control from start to finish that assures not only seamless integration in looks and functionality but also top notch quality in every process and component.

Our modern approach to interior and architecture is also inspired by age old wisdom contained in Vaastu and Fengshui, helping us coordinate elements of interiors and exteriors with personality of occupants and their nature of occupation. Hospitality receives a special treatment. Educational institutions have a different approach. We study, discuss and understand a client’s objective before even coming up with a concept. It is this extreme customization that has made us the top interior designers of Delhi and North India.

Our forte is our ability to translate concept to reality in a solid, workable, cost effective way while safeguarding quality and performance of a building and it’s interior. In a no-compromise approach, we ensure critical features are unaffected while factoring in performance, visual looks, materials used and use of space while maintaining budgets. It is this minute attention to detail that gives us our well earned reputation for being the finest services in luxury interior design.

We are also visionaries who believe in creating trends rather than following them. Excellence in modern interior design from our studios is inspired by tradition as well as an eye to the future, redefining use of space, delivery of comfort, ventilation, light and shade and the feeling of being one with the surroundings.