Architectural Design Consultancy

GeoDesigns employs design consultants and interior designers with substantial knowledge of architectural design who can translate brick and mortar dreams into reality. Designing everything right from drawing rooms to airports with special focus on aesthetics and ergonomics is the forte of GeoDesign. We are a leading architectural firm in delhincr who command a loyal global client base. Our team of talented architects, design consultants, project managers and back end integrators work tirelessly to understand your requirements and then fulfil them to your fullest satisfaction. Therefore, it is possible to outsource an entire project to us as end to end project execution with seamless integration of services is guaranteed.   More>>

Interior Design Consultancy

GeoDesigns is a versatile Architecture and interior design firm offering exceptional customized and harmonized thematic services relating to a client’s preferences and business segment. Established since 2000 and with a reputation for quality architectural services and interior designs for homes, hospitality and commercial segments, we have carved out a niche with our unique approach to delivering exceptional value addition.

We firmly believe that architecture and interior design are firmly intertwined if one is to achieve integrated functionality and aesthetic visuals that delight the soul and provide comfort for people to work or live at their best. Architecture and interior are not parallel services you can source from different companies and still expect a marvelous fusion. Both are ingrained at the concept stage and are executed side by step as a project progresses. This approach has made us one of the leading interior design companies in Delhi that offers architectural services as well in a project based approach. We are known for fluid and polished corporate interiors, for peacefully harmonized home interiors, for vibrantly dynamic interiors for retail or entertainment or just about any type of interior that reflects the character of the business in a contemporaneously fashionable and distinctive style.  More>>

Project Management Consultancy

One of the key areas where Geodesigns excels is in project management consultancy services. Our project management services are aimed at real estate builders engaged in residential and commercial construction. Established since well over a decade and with ample experience in architectural design and interior design, we have been associated with construction companies. Our experts understand how construction activity is carried out, the pitfalls and impediments that hinder construction companies from realizing maximum profit or delivering full value to their clients, whether these are commercial owners or owners of residential units. This affects the reputation and brand image of the company.  More>>

Office Interior Design

Office space is at a premium. What this means is that you have to make the most of what you have in terms of optimum utilization of space without that feeling of being crowded. This is where well-thought out interior office design from Geodesigns helps achieve a unified, harmonized look while integrating ergonomic functionality at the same time.

As experts in office interior designers we understand and appreciate a user’s requirements of getting the maximum from the office regardless of its limitation of size and layout. Our clients receive customized services for office design. A luxury office receives a special treatment whereas for a small office design we have a different approach.  More>>