Office Architects/Commercial Architects in Delhi

Commercial or office architects are considered as professionals with a license to design and implement buildings and structures that are specifically for the commercial and non-residential use. They primarily work on construction and designing of commercial spaces and buildings like offices, factories, retail outlets, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and sports or recreation facilities. Commercial Architects in Delhi are approached by businesses and retail set ups for creating and designing their spaces from scratch considering various aspects in mind such as safety regulations, comfort, ease of maintenance, energy savings, space optimization, building codes and functionalities, construction costs, city regulations, etc.). Their job is to work in coordination with various stakeholders and bring their Architectural vision to life which is within their budget and sustainable at the same time.

What are the Responsibilities of the Commercial Architects?

The responsibilities Office Architects in Delhi is categorized into four major brackets which are explained in detail below:

Need assessment

Primary role or a job of a commercial architect is to analyze his client’s Architectural needs along with multiple other factors such as site access, location, regulations in place and energy performance requirements. Considering all these aspects, he then works on designing building characteristic both technical, aesthetic, etc.


Once the sketches and drawings are created, the same is shared with the client for their review, suggestions and approval. Commercial architect engaged in a project is also accountable to maintain seamless communication with other professionals such as engineers, designers, etc.). Once the cost is estimated and finalized, the plans, final specifications and calls for tenders are drafted.

Project hiring

He also acts as a guiding force and can aid a business in striking negotiations pertaining to the construction contract. He ensures close follow-up to ensure the progress of the project and keeping it within the agreed schedule in line with plans and specifications.


The commercial architects offer guidance to upscale the project operation and often visit construction sites to ensure the progress of the construction project.

What do Commercial Architects Do?

Right from the start till the final handover, office architectural firms in Delhi provides skilled commercial architects who ensure seamless project delivery. They ensure uninterrupted work flow and coordination amongst all project stakeholders to ensure efficient resource and time management.


An Architect would determine the key project factors which are inclusive of project site, design requirements, and budget. Basis the discussion, sketches are created and proposed considering feasibility studies, site reports, etc. If the project work is to be done on an existing building, the commercial architect may request a site visit to understand and determine if renovation is possible or requires construction of a new building.

Design development

As soon as the project is approved and is set in motion, commercial architects create and develops design and construction plans. For this, the architect would compile all the facts about the project site, which are inclusive of permit submission requirements, infrastructure, zoning maps, or other factors which can impact the project directly or indirectly.


When the final plan is approved and a budget is decided, an architect coordinates the entire construction process which includes administrative tasks such as obtaining permits, authorizations, etc. Office architect also contacts the building department of the municipality or region to confirm the existing concerned in order to confirm the building and zoning codes, and secure permits and authorizations to start the construction.

Project management

Commercial architects also dispose of other roles and responsibilities which include overall project management. This includes providing advisory services to the client, selection of contractors and building materials, contract negotiation, site inspection etc. Further, these architects supervise the work of construction contractors and subcontractors to ensure that the quality standards are maintained.

What Project Types Do Commercial Architects Handle?

Top seven project variations managed and handled by office architectural firms in Delhi pertains to construction of the following buildings:

Office buildings

Office architects work on creating functional, safe and comfortable spaces to increase staff comfort and productivity while adhering to CDC health and safety guidelines.

Hospitals and clinics

Commercial architects are hired to design medical buildings wherein the rooms must be safe, comfortable, and easily sanitized for patients, while being easy for staff to access.


They can be hired to update an older building or build a new one from scratch. Commercial architects are also often hired to design and create comfortable and highly functional hotels.

College campuses

Commercial architects are also handed over project of designing the entire college premises ranging from lecture halls to library to hotel area in compliance with set codes and safety regulations.


Commercial architects employ their expertise in designing and remodelling restaurants, pubs, delis, Firms, cafes, and other amusement places with a vision to create an ambient atmosphere. These places are designed ensuring that these comfortable to eat, drink, and relax with family and friends.

When Do You Need Office Architects/Commercial Architects in Delhi?

Generally as a business owner or an emerging entrepreneur, the need of office architects will strike you. You will require these professionals to design buildings like offices, hospitals, and shopping malls as per building codes and regulations. They are qualified to draw designs and specifications for commercial buildings, such as offices, factories, retail outlets and their expertise fulfills need of the hour. It is critical to find and finalize commercial architects who hold valid qualifications accreditation by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. Hiring these experts from Geodesign will ensure that your construction work will be completed within the set budget without compromising on quality or safety standards.

They dedicate their skills in conceptualizing, briefing the design, developing, and managing the entire project lifecycle till construction phase.

How to Find a Commercial Architect/Office Architects In Delhi?

Commercial architects in Delhi are a click away. is one such Interior design firm which can provide you best team of architects for your project. You can check for reviews online, read testimonials and check their portfolio to have an idea of their work. Searching through online databases is one step to it but it can open a lot of choices sorting through which can be overwhelming. So, going by someone’s recommendation or simply checking architects who are licensed and experienced to perform the given job can ease your choice making process.

At GeoDesign you can ‘find an architect’ service and can get to meet professionals working in your area. You can share handful of details about your property and within minutes they will get in touch with you for meeting and discussion on the architectural design of your contract.

Things to Look For in a Commercial /Office Architects in Delhi

Finding the best fit to design and construct your commercial space requires research and logical querying. The important things to consider are:

Online research

Start by searching on Google and collating information on an architect in your area. Zero in your search to specifics that involve locating complaints and Better Business Bureau and Google My Business ratings. This research will hand over a list of trusted and best architects in your area to start your shortlisting process.

Recommendations are always first

Do not hesitate to reach out and ask others in your industry for recommendations. Contacting the customers who have earlier worked with the same architecture firm in Delhi to gauge points like client interaction, safety and building code compliance, budget compliance, feedback on coordination, response to alteration in plans during the project etc. These factors speak a lot about a firm’s intent in making long term relationships with its clients and a successful project outcome.

Find common connects

Once the list is sorted and narrowed down to a few names, you can start to meet their architects going top to bottom in your order of choices. Talk to their experts and review the architect’s qualifications and abilities. Confirm who will work on your project and state your expectations right from the start.

Ask doubts

Hiring a commercial architect is a serious investment so do not leave anything to chance. Ask questions and doubts freely about how they are planning to handle challenges that arise over the course of a project and confirm about their charges to ensure that it does not exceed your budget.

Questions to Ask During Screening

There are numerous office architectural firms in Delhi that can appear competitive enough for you to think twice before rejecting them. Here we present some essential questions to ask a commercial architect before making a decision:

Do you have references?

A reliable firm will not hesitate in providing you references at once. It will definitely help gauge a thing or two about the firm and its review on the previously as handled projects. Confirm if they will stay within the budget, maintain seamless communication with clients, ensure timely project completion and work without supervision.

What are the charges of these architectural services?

Architectural firms provide service on different fee models. So, it is important to ascertain that there are no surprise charges later on that can exceed your budget.

Any builder recommendation

A prospective architect can be a bridging point for you to get a good builder on board. Ask about the builder’s timeliness, costs, and quality and if everything fits in, you can expect good communication and teamwork.

Who will work on my project?

To ensure uninterrupted communication, it is important to know the person of contact. It can be either the lead architect or a designer on the architect’s team with whom frequent communication will be necessary.

What kind of challenges do you see in my project?

Be open to knowing what can cause a disruption or a lapse. An experienced architect will apprise you of challenges pertaining to adherence to certain guidelines set by local jurisdiction, need for special design installations due to code, or some sort of land issues.

Are you insured

Lastly, a commercial architect with insurance coverage is a must have. Nothing is worth risking too much when it comes commercial projects.

Why Geodesigns for Office Architects/Commercial Architects in Delhi?

The Geodesigns architectural firm in Delhi offers comprehensive solutions for commercial building design projects. With years of experience in the architecture, we have managed to successfully accomplish projects in the commercial industry and have handled multiple projects in office designing.

Our experts possess the required expertise, skills and innovative thinking to create a workplace that fits our client’s vision and embodies their brand identity. We have a track record of managing projects of all sizes. Further, we are constantly striving to put our extensive experience in undertaking more extensive as well as challenging projects. In case you are looking for a commercial architect or office architect in Delhi, contact us to make your project a success. Our experts will get in touch with you to fix a meeting at the earliest as per your convenience.