Best Architecture Firms in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, renamed as Gurugram, is a popular city located in the southwest of New Delhi in northern India. Considered as a financial and technology hub, best architecture firms in gurgaon are also considered as its remarkable feature.

Benefit of Hiring Best Architecture Firms in Gurgaon

There are numerous benefits associated with the decision of hiring an Architect in Gurgaon. Topmost being access to trained and licensed professionals who work in tandem with legal framework. So, taking their assistance and utilizing their expertise ensures that only safe structure and the best interior design will be delivered in the final project. Some of the outstanding benefits of hiring Best Architect in Gurgaon are outlined below:

  • No complexities with respect to interior designing: Hiring the bestprofessional architecture firm in Gurgaon definitely promises no difficulties in construction for both residential as well as commercial constructions. So, hiring architects who have years of experience working in this domain will ensure that any kind of construction inclusive of elevations, permissions, interior designs, and a lot more is handled with a professional outlook and security. Things that a builder may overlook will be take on priority by architect
  • Best interiors guaranteed:For handling varied projects, it is always beneficial to hire trusted and best architecture firms in Gurgaon. By hiring an experienced firm such as Geodesigns, the system is implement correctly right from the beginning. The architect firm undertakes the entire projects with a whole new outlook right from its conceptualization to final hand over to the client.

How does the architectural design process work?

All the top Architecture Firms in Gurgaon undertakes the construction work and takes it through five important phases. These phases are described below:

  • Pre-Design: This stage involves meeting the client and determining overall project vision and goals. Architecture projects undertaken in any industry covering industrial, hospitality, residential, healthcare, etc. involves considering and understanding a number of things concerning the project. These include project scope, purpose, features, and functionality. Thus, this includes client consultation, analyzing the existing conditions and documentation, taking site photographs and measurements, compiling the currently available existing drawings, code review etc. this stage closes when owner gives his consent to move forward with a project.
  • Schematic Design: Top Architect in Gurgaon, after covering the first phase, move onto the next phases wherein they prepare a series of rough sketches/drawings which bring to life basic concepts of the design.  This involves assessing the ensuring compliance with local and industry regulations. This phase involves sketching the floor plans of all levels with assigning the openings and plumbing fixtures, exteriors building, framing cross-section and typical wall section.
  • Design Development: Once the schematicdesign development takes place, architects get onto with finalizing the design and sorting through the materials, window, door locations along with assessing general structural details. This phase closes with the delivery of floor plans with overall dimensions, basis of design openings and plumbing fixtures, dimensions of structural grid and interior wall, additional building sections, etc.
  • Construction Drawings: Once the final designs are collated and are in hand,Architecture Firms in Gurgaon begin preparing construction drawings notes, blueprints, and technical specifications which are important for bidding, construction, and applying for permit.
  • Building and construction: Last stage is when the architects get a green signal to proceed with the construction. During this phase, they undertake building work as per the approved design. Further, in case there are any changes, the same is prior discussed with the client/ owner. This ensures that alterations are in sync with the owner’s vision and also works in setting the final image in mind. Once this phase is over, the project is ready for the use/occupancy.

How to find the Top Architecture Firms in Gurgaon?

Finding Best Architecture Firms in Gurgaon such as Geodesigns is now quite convenient with the help on internet. We facilitate quick delivery of projects along with ensuring optimum space utilization and compliance to set rules and regulations.

On searching Top Architecture Firms in Gurgaon, Geodesigns will definitely appear in your results. In case you wish to get a quote, you can request the same. Our experts will reach out to you with the required quote which will help you decide which quote can offer you best ROI and also suits your project needs. We ensure to discuss the budget and pricing beforehand to avoid delays and confusion later. We also offer consultancy services wherein we ensure to draw the line, understand the budget constraints, and clarify how project will pay off at the end.

We also have an open portfolio of project and clients handled previously. Before selecting us, we offer the clients to go through our testimonials, or reach out to these clients to gather insight into the working relationship and project feedback.

Our office is open for our clients tour. As a top architecture firm in Gurgaon, we have set an open platform for you to come and meet our architects and their teams in person prior handing over the project. This also gives a vision to our firms’ creative capabilities and expertise and to ensure that we can do justice to your design preferences.

Questions to ask while choosing Best Architect in Gurgaon

Sorting through and hiring a trusted and reliable Architect in Gurgaon requires a lot of diligence and survey. Before you decide on handing over your project to one of the best-acclaimed Gurgaon architects such as Geodesigns, feel free to ask the following questions:

How much experience does an architect have with a similar project?

It is an important thing to ask before selecting an architect for your project. This will involve sorting through the portfolio and checking out if they have a similar kind of experience in handling similar projects. Picking Geodesigns in a smart choice because here architects have experience of working on different projects including studio apartments, commercial space, interiors, industrial designing, flats or small homes.

How long does they take to complete a project?

In case you require project completion within a defined time period, it is important to clarify the same before hiring a firm. At Geodesigns, we always conform to having an open and honest conversation about expected delays and give an honest timeline.

What are the payment terms?

It is again an important aspect to consider and confirm. We ensure absolute clarity and transparency in letting our clients known about the mode and terms of payment. We, as a leading architects charge a fixed fee, and are flexible on payment terms. We communicate payment terms in advance especially with clients who operate on a very strict budget.

Is the architect open to inputs and feedback?

This is very important aspect to consider since some project require a lot of to and fro of inputs. While some clients prefer to hand over the entire job to the architect, some client might want to be more engaged at all stages. Therefore, it is important confirm with the architect beforehand how open they are to suggestions. This will avoid unnecessary friction and differences between both the parties and keep both the parties on the same page.

Is the project open to design changes?

It is very important to have an open communication while the project is in motion. In case you are anticipating changes in your project, the same needs to be discussed with the architect. So, it is important for the architect to adapt more suggestions at a later stage, without any friction.

Why choose Geodesigns for the best Gurgaon Architects? is a leading Gurgaon-based leading architecture firm which ensures to undertake and accomplish high-quality interior and exterior designing projects across various domains such as commercial, industrial and residential spaces. We have a highly talented and skilled team of top architects in Gurgaon who have great acumen of absorbing the project requirements and follow up with the same by sketching it with innovation, and executing it beautifully.


What kind of projects have you accomplished till date? Do you have a client portfolio?

As one of the leading best architecture firms in Gurgaon, has an expertise in accomplishing architect projects of varying nature such as Interior Design, Industrial Design, Residential and Commercial. The portfolio includes CDM Smith Chennai, Rackspace Gurgaon, JWI Bangalore, Reckitt Benckiser, Hyderabad, Azure Power, Delhi and ANDRITZ, to name a few.

How much does Best Architect in Gurgaon cost to design a house in Gurgaon?

The costing can vary anything between 6% to 15% of the total project fees. In addition, these charges may be less for fresh constructions but cost higher for existing, listed, historic and buildings that might have with complexity.

What is the difference between a home designer and an architect?

The main difference between a home designer and an architect is that an architect designs and delivers the complete building whereas a home designer creates the interiors as per the desired look/mood/feel.

How long should Gurgaon Architects take to complete a project?

The timeline of the project depends on its size, brief and location. Also it majorly depends on occurrence of any unplanned circumstances which might cause delays.

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