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Delhi is the central location of India’s national government and has enormous historical significance owing to its historical monuments and extension to that for Best Architecture Firms in Delhi.

Benefit of Hiring Best Architecture Firms in Delhi

There are many benefits associated with hiring architecture firms in Delhi. One of the core benefits is that these contractors can handle the designs that are complex in terms of building codes, zoning laws, contractors, and other issues. With so much standards in place and to ensure their compliance, hiring Architects firm in Delhi bring about a range of benefits outlined below:

  • Expert guidance: To hire Best Architecture Firms in Delhi impart the benefit in many aspects. This include taking help in getting a building permit, observing laws, and filing paperwork. Since these professionals have significant process knowledge of zoning, and building codes, their help can speed up the process.
  • Quick problem solving: Architects have a knack to handle issues and problems more creatively. They can suggest new design and construction choices and can expand the home without further space.
  • Money saver: Architects are budget-driven people who can help you maintain costs within your budget by predicting the current and future utility costs. For example, increasing a building’s square footage raises costs.
  • Better planArchitects firm in Delhi have detailed knowledge and site understanding and therefore can how to use the site’s sun location to its optimum. They can help you capture the natural shading, views, and other elements such as ponds, garden, garage, etc. to your advantage.
  • Great coordination: Hiring a reputed architect firm will provide you with experts who are adaptable, engaged, and aggressive with the contractors. This will solve the issues of communicating the wrong piece of information and maintain sync between all parties with a project.

Different Types of Architects

‘One-size fits all’ is not a rule that can be followed while selecting Architects firm in Delhi. There are different architects to handle different types of construction projects. Various types of architects include:

  • Residential Architect: Residential Architects deal with clients who wish to get their own houses constructed. They take a note of their requirements and design plans, layouts, and elevations in line with the same.
  • Interior designers: As the name suggests, interior designers work on styling the interior of an apartment, office, restaurant or any other space. They possess great artistic sense and technical knowledge with respect to materials, fabrics, colors, and furniture basic design.
  • Commercial Architect: This type of architect works on commercial projects size of which varies as per the space available. These architects specialize in delivering successful design of a commercial or public building, which is self-guiding circulation to optimize the experience for the building users. Commercial Architects have a great now how of building codes, safety regulations, and construction costs.
  • Green Design Architect: This category of architect shoulder the responsibility of crating eco-friendly and energy-efficient architectural designs. They work relentlessly on innovating effective green design methods which leave no or minimal impact on the environment.
  • Landscape Architect: Landscape architecture is specialized in dealing with outdoor spaces and their designing such as gardens, parks, neighborhoods, campuses, and public spaces. They handle the job of designing the spaces to make them efficient, engaging, and in sync with the environment. They should have great awareness of suitable materials and plants that thrive in different climates and uses.
  • Urban Designer: Urban design architect is an architect who handle construction projects on a broader scale. They specialize in building architecture, landscape designing, and accomplishing green design projects. Their job is to design cities from scratch or undertake the development of existing ones.

How does the architectural design process work?

In total, there are six key phases of an architectural design process. These include:

  • Pre-design phase: Considered as a programming phase, this phase starts with client interfaces to gauge the needs and learn about the plot of land, current structures, and to know the future plans for expansion.
  • Schematic design: In this next phase, architectural design team start turning the discussed points into a sketched building design concept. They start to draw sketches, 3D renderings, drawings, floor plans, preliminary site plans, and building elevations.
  • Design development: This phase involves creating and presenting a detailed plan. This phase is when a structural engineer steps into the project and participates in the exterior and interior finishes which is integral to the foundational structure.
  • Construction documents: In this phase, the architect creates and presents two sets of detailed drawings which speaks of every detail of the final design. This is segregated into sets; one includes the construction set, and the other is known as the construction process.
  • Building permit: Architect next submits the permit set of drawings into the permit application for review by city or county. A permit is issued after assessing the building plan and ensuring that it complies with the structural integrity and zoning laws and building codes.
  • Construction administration: In this final phase, an architect takes up the role of a project manager. As soon as the construction starts, architect has to ensure that project is executed according to their plans by making regular site visits.

How to find the top architects firm in Delhi?

Best Architecture Firms in Delhi have their work explicit by way of testimonials, client review and site project visits. In case, you are searching for the best architect firm in Delhi for your next project, look for a recommendation. Although not easy to get, but a personal reference from a friend, relative, or neighbor is always reliable and much more trusted and is free from any prejudice.  

You can also search online and choose to meet the architect in person to make a final hiring decision. Check the previous work, testimonials, previous site work, accessibility and staff credentials to ensure that you hire the best architect firm in Delhi.

Questions to ask while choosing Best Architecture Firms in Delhi

There are many aspects on which you must weigh the worth of an architect firm that you are planning to hire. These include:

  • What is the firm type? Specialist vs Generalist: Always check if the firm deal with overall or specific projects only.
  • Do they also focus on design and style aesthetic?
  • What is the firm size? What are the employee credentials?
  • Are they open to make changes in the project once the work is ongoing?
  • How stringently a firm can meet the budget while delivering project of an optimum quality?

Why choose Geodesigns for the best Delhi Architects?

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